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If you're someone that can't go a day without needing access to the internet then our new WiFi package is just the solution for you. There is a choice of different tarriffs which enable you to have WiFi access across the whole park, so you can also enjoy the benefits from the comfort of your caravan.

Haven offer 15 minutes free WiFi across the park per customer, per day. If you would like access after the free 15 minutes, you can buy one of our WiFi packages either online or when you get to the park. Each package is applicable to one device. It is not possible to share one package between multiple devices. Their packages allow you to have WiFi access across the park including in your accommodation.



WiFi Tariffs:


1 day:        £7

2 days:    £10

3 days:    £12

4 days:    £15

7 days:    £18

10 days:  £21

14 days:  £27

30 days:  £30

* Please note: These packages are available to purchase online and at park on holidays starting from 1 May 2013.








** Prices were correct at time of publishing, but may be subject to change **


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